How to import Google data Using ImportXML

First take a google link like this:

In that url is the url we are going to import, Next is /search? is for pulling up the search results page, add in hl=en which is the language code. EN=english, gl=US is helping us get United States Results, for UK we would use gl=UK, q= is your search query ex. cool places in london, cats etc… You can specify the number of results by adding &num=20 or =50,=100. Most importantly, this URL looks like a formula because he adds the =. Also, he adds ” because this is essentially telling G docs that anything in the ” ” is text. When the text finishes he adds the cell reference &a2. This way you can type your next query in A2 and not have to modify the URL again.

Import xml script is


C2 contains the google search link like Of The Cryptids

A2 contains keyword to search on google so C2 will be


The result formula is

import from
import from

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